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Sunday, May 27, 2018

June 2018 Movie Guide

These are my picks (complete with the reason for my choice) for the movies coming to
theaters in June, but feel free to check out all of June's releases by visiting the Internet

week of June 1

Synopsis: A daredevil designs and operates his own theme park with his friends.
Director: Tim Kirkby
Why? Fans of Jackass and especially Bad Grandpa will enjoy this story-
driven insanity.

Synopsis: Set in the near-future, technology controls nearly all aspects of life.
But when Grey, a self-identified technophobe, has his world turned upside down,
his only hope for revenge is an experimental computer chip implant called Stem.
Director: Leigh Whannell
Why? Written and directed by Leigh Whannell, the genius behind the Saw
and Insidious concepts. That's really all I needed to know to get me on
board; however, the trailer is very impressive.

week of June 8

Synopsis: When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter's
family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their
Director: Ari Aster
Why? I'm not really sure what to expect from this one, and I like that.

Synopsis: An exploration of the life, lessons, and legacy of iconic children's
television host, Fred Rogers.
Director: Morgan Neville
Why? I'm not big on documentaries, but having grown up with Mister
Rogers, I'm interested in this one.

week of June 15

Synopsis: Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for Jack-Jack while Helen
(Elastigirl) is out saving the world.
Director: Brad Bird
Why? I already have my ticket for the double feature. I'm so glad they are
revisiting this Pixar franchise.

Synopsis: A small group of former classmates organize an elaborate, annual
game of tag that requires some to travel all over the country.
Director: Jeff Tomsic
Why? Based on a true story! That's insane, and this movie looks like so
much fun.

week of June 22

Synopsis: When the island's dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen and
Claire mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-
level event.
Director: J.A. Bayona
Why? I'm always up for another visit to Jurassic Park/World. Dinosaurs
will never not be cool.

week of June 29

Synopsis: The drug war on the US-Mexico border has escalated as the cartels
have begun trafficking terrorists across the US border. To fight the war, federal
agent Matt Graver re-teams with the mercurial Alejandro.
Director: Stefano Sollima

Why? Oh man, this was unexpected. I'll really have to go back and re-
watch the first one. It was good, but I didn't expect a sequel.

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