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Monday, May 26, 2014

Some Thoughts on X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Most of the time my opinion of a movie doesn't stray too far from a thumbs up or thumbs down (which is why there aren't too many posts tagged movie reviews on this blog).  That being said, I did have some thoughts I wanted to share on this one.  Spoilers below. Enter at your own risk.

Being a casual X-Men fan, my background for the Days of Future Past story comes from the 90s cartoon instead of the comics. (For a nice comparison about how the cartoon and the movie differ, check out this article on ComicBook.com.)  With that in mind, here's what I enjoyed the most and what I had problems with.

The Good:

Deaths - I liked the way they used the time travel aspect to show the character deaths more than once.  Don't get me wrong. I'm not cheering for the good guys to die, but if we have to see characters like Colossus and Ice Man die, it's nice to see different outcomes.

Quicksilver - I thought that Evan Peters' character really stole the show for the time that he was onscreen.

Beast - I also enjoyed Nicholas Hoult as Beast, especially his interactions with Wolverine.

New Characters - I wasn't at all familiar with Blink and Warpath.  Blink was particularly enjoyable to watch in action with the way she would strategically manipulate her portals.

Past & Future Versions - It was nice having Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen in the same movie as James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender.  This was a rare opportunity to have old and young versions of the characters in the same movie.

The Bad:

Bishop - As a fan of the 90s cartoon, as I mentioned earlier, I felt that his character was really underused.

Kitty Pryde - Um, where the hell did that power set come from?  I'm familiar with her intangibility, but to be able to shunt a consciousness through time seems a bit outside of her abilities.

The Wolverine Bonus Scene - At the end of The Wolverine there's a scene where Professor X and Magneto approach Wolverine in the airport because they need his help.  It was intended (at least to my understanding) to tie into this movie; however, this movie starts off further into the future.  I would have liked for this movie to have acknowledged its own teaser a little better.

Mystique - Here's where I had the biggest problem.  The problem wasn't Mystique herself but how she was used.  Now, if you'll recall, before Jennifer Lawrence portrayed the younger version, Mystique was played by Rebecca Romjin-Stamos.  I bring this up to point out that Mystique was in the first X-Men movie, but Days of Future Past has you believe that she died in 1973, which would be prior to the events in the first movie.

I didn't believe that First Class rebooted anything.  I simply saw it as a prequel to the first three X-Men movies.  Assuming that First Class, X-Men, X2, and Last Stand represent an unmanipulated timeline, how could Mystique have died in 1973??  Seeing as how this movie shows clips of the first 3 X-Men movies, it seems to backup my theory by being a sequel to First Class and reaffirming the first 3 movies.

I get that this movie seemingly wipes out Last Stand, or at least Jean Grey's death.  My problem is just that it seems to both affirm and contradict the first 3 movies in the X-Men franchise, specifically in relation to Mystique's involvement.

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