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Monday, February 24, 2014

Upcoming TV Highlights

Legit is now on FXX. [click to visit the show's Tumblr]

What's new on TV this week?  Keep reading to find out what I thought was worth mentioning.

Tonight's new episode of Adventure Time features 'Simon' (Ice King before he was insane), and Cartoon Network has been promoting the new episode of Steven Universe as "giant."  Archer is also back with a new episode!

Tuesday night, Supernatural returns with a new episode.

click to visit the official Facebook page for Survivor
Wednesday, Survivor returns for its 28th season with the 2-hour premiere of Survivor: Cagayan.  Also returning is Legit, who has moved to FXX for its second season premiere.

This Friday, not only does Grimm return from the Sochi hiatus with a new episode, but the second season of Hannibal premieres!
Click to see both posters for Hannibal season 2.

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