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Monday, September 30, 2013

October 2013 Movie Guide

These are my picks (complete with the reason for my choice) for the movies coming to theaters in October, but feel free to check out all of October's releases by visiting the Internet Movie Database's Coming Soon page.
Editor's Note: I'm disappointed with the lack of horror movies in the theater this October. No Paranormal Activity. No Saw. It's 2013, and the best we could do was another remake of Carrie??  Come on. Let's hope Insidious Chapter 2 has a nice long theater run.

Friday, October 4th
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
o    Why? I don't know. Maybe. I mean, sure, it's a scary situation. How horrible.  But, it feels like it could end up being a space version of Open Water.

Director: Brad Furman
o    Why? …It'll probably be good.

Friday, October 11th
Director: Robert Rodriguez
o    Why? I'm sure that Tom Hanks movie is going to be great, but this sequel filled with over-the-top violence, hot chicks with machine-gun bras, and Amber Heard is the one for me.

image from Machete Kills courtesy of Dread Central. Click for more.

Friday, October 18th
Director: Kimberly Peirce
o    Why? I recently watched the 2002 remake with a bit of skepticism, but I was surprised by what they were able to tweak without screwing up the core story. After that experience, I'm more curious to see what they are doing this time.  I'm also a fan of Chloë Grace Moretz' previous films.  And since Judy Greer is in it, if it ends up sucking, I can just close my eyes and pretend it's a lost episode of Archer.

Director: Mikael Håfström
o    Why? I recently saw the trailer for this, and, even though I didn't waste time on Expendables 2, I'm looking forward to this.

Friday, October 25th
Director: Jeff Tremaine
o    Why? Even though I skipped the last few Jackass movies, I'm really looking forward to this. I especially like how they are digging on those exploitative pageants for young girls.

Director: Ridley Scott

o    Why? With that director and that cast, it's tough to go wrong.

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