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Sunday, September 30, 2012

October 2012 Movie Guide

These are my picks (complete with the reason for my choice) for the movies coming to theaters in October, but feel free to check out all of October's releases by visiting the Internet Movie Database's Coming Soon page.

Friday, October 5th
·         Taken 2
Director:  Olivier Megaton
o    Why? If you saw the first one, then you already know it's worth your time. Expect some more serious ass-kicking courtesy of Liam Neeson.

·         Frankenweenie
Director:  Tim Burton
o    Why? Tim Burton. Do you need another reason?

·         V/H/S
o    Why? This movie provides a unique take on the found footage sub-genre by using as a tool for different vignettes almost in a Twilight Zone/Tales From the Crypt fashion… but much, much scarier. I took the advantage of the early VOD offering, and I was even impressed with the titles chosen for the different segments provided during the end credits.

V/H/S is available OnDemand until Oct 5th when it sees a limited theatrical release. (Copyright by respective production studio and/or distributor.)

Friday, October 12th
·         Sinister
Director:  Scott Derrickson
o    Why? It's from the makers of Insidious and the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  And if you've already seen the trailer, then you know a little of what to expect.

·         Seven Psychopaths
Director:  Martin McDonagh
o    Why? This looks like it has the potential to be a really good dark comedy. It's tough to go wrong with a cast that includes Christopher Walken.

Friday, October 19th
·         Paranormal Activity 4
Directors:  Henry Joost | Ariel Schulman
o    Why? Have you been following along? Not only has this franchise been consistently scary, but it has woven a pretty good story/mythology. Last time we got to see how it started. Now, we're ready to continue the story. And if you haven't already, check out this timeline, courtesy of Dread Central.

Friday, October 26th
·         Cloud Atlas
o    Why? While I'm not completely sold on this one, it does look pretty amazing based upon the previews I've seen, and it's helmed by the minds behind The Matrix.

·         Silent Hill: Revelation 3D
Director:  Michael J. Bassett
o    Why? Most of October's horror movies come out earlier in the month so that they're already showing for the Halloween crowd (as seen above). While not a horror movie in the traditional sense, it should provide some scares, like its predecessor, if you need some a little closer to All Hallow's Eve and have already checked out this month's earlier selections.

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