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Monday, May 14, 2012

Upcoming TV Highlights

  • Tonight is the season finale of Bones, directed by David Boreanaz (Agent Seeley Booth). After that is the penultimate episode of House, featuring the return of Thirteen (Olivia Wilde).
  • Wednesday night is the 2-hour season finale of Criminal Minds.
  • Thursday night you'll find:
    • The final three episodes of Community for this season
    • The season finale of 30 Rock
    • The season finale of Rules Of Engagement
    • The season finale of Person Of Interest

Community - The Greendale 7

    • Friday night are the season finales of Supernatural and Grimm.
    • Saturday night The Hub finally gives us another new episode of Dan Vs.
    • Sunday night is the 1-hour season finale of Family Guy.

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