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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Justice League: Doom - review

Image © Warner Bros & DC Comics

Justice League: Doom is an adaption of one of my favorite Justice League stories - "Tower of Babel."  The reason that I think the story is so great is that it's just another example of how much of a badass Batman is and how he has earned the right to stand shoulder to shoulder with those more powerful than him.

It's been long enough since I read the story that I wasn't doing a 1 for 1 comparison, but I did remember some similarities as the movie revealed how each of the heroes were attacked.  I think that the story was adapted faithfully although some elements and characters were changed.

If I had any problems with the movie, it would be in the voice casting.  Don't get me wrong. Bringing back the classic voice actors like Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Susan Eisenberg, and Carl Lumbly was fantastic. Even having Nathan Fillion once again voice Green Lantern was great. My main gripe is that they brought back Michael Rosenbaum to voice The Flash.  Yes, Rosenbaum did the voice of The Flash in the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited animated series, but The Flash was Wally West at that time.

If you follow DC comics at all, then you probably know that many fans (myself included) are disappointed that Wally West is no longer The Flash. Currently, his mentor (in the previous incarnation of the DC Universe, longer story) Barry Allen is The Flash, and Barry was The Flash in this movie.  It almost toys with the emotions, so to speak, to have the voice actor that played the Wally West incarnation of the character come back and play the Barry Allen version of the character. If it hadn't been for the one part in the movie where Barry's civilian identity was featured, you'd think it was Wally because of the voice and mannerisms.  In my mind, the two are not interchangeable. Barry is serious, and Wally is more humorous. I feel it would've been more respectful to fans if different voice actor had played The Flash if they were going to do the Barry version.

The other voice actor I have a slight issue with is the one they chose for Cyborg. I'm a fan of the Teen Titans cartoon, so I would have loved to have heard that voice. Additionally, I'm used to Cyborg sounding more like an adult. We're only 6 issues into the new incarnation of the DC Universe where Cyborg is younger now, so it's still a new concept. It would've been better if he had sounded less like he was Static Shock's age.

Overall, tho, I still very much enjoyed the movie, and I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  1. Good review, but I don't think the plans did Batman justice in the movie. Tower of Babel was much better.

    1. Yes, I agree. I think with these movies, the book will almost always be better since they have to condense things to fit into a 70-minute box. I think when the movie really grabbed me was whenever Batman started revealing (first to Green Lantern) that he was responsible for the plans. That's when things really got good.

    2. Yeah, that was a good moment. I liked the music sting when Batman said that...but maybe that was in my head.