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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TV Guest Stars for May 2011

When you follow as many TV shows as I do, you don't realize at first how difficult it will be to catch up after going on vacation the last week of April. As of Sunday, I'm finally caught up enough to write up this catch-up post.

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

  Community – "A Fistful Of Paintballs" (air date May 5, 2011)

In part one of the Community season finale, Josh Holloway guest-starred as the 'Black Rider.'  You remember that he was 'Sawyer' on LOST, right?


  Bones – "The Signs In The Silence" (air date May 5, 2011)

Sean O'Bryan guest starred as 'Mike Shenfield,' the "father" who abused the deaf/mute girl.  Previously, he played the role of 'Bill Blackham' on NBC's Persons Unknown. He also recently guest starred on the previous season of Dexter as 'Dan Mendell,' a children's dentist and one of Julia Stiles' character's kidnappers.

  Mad Love – "After The Fireworks" (series finale – air date May 16, 2011)

Geoff Stults guest starred as 'Tom Stevens,' the guy that Kate didn't realize she was married to.  Previously, he played the role of 'Tommy Conroy' on ABC's Happy Town. Recently, he guest starred on an episode of Bones titled "The Finder," which acted as an unofficial pilot for the new show The Finder, which will air on FOX this coming fall.  (For my previous post referencing the episode of Bones mentioned above, click here.)


Cristine Rose guest starred as 'Penny,' Connie's soon-to-be step-mother. Previously, she played the role of 'Angela Petrelli' on Heroes.


  Breakout Kings - "Where In The World Is Carmen Vega" (season finale – air date May 30, 2011)

Lauren Velez guest starred as 'Carmen Vega,' the female convict who escaped.  Currently, she plays the role of 'Lt. Maria LaGuerta' on Dexter.


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