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Friday, April 8, 2011

Do You Recognize?… the cast of Breaking In

Breaking In debuted on FOX this week, and I really enjoyed it.  I hope this show sticks around for awhile. It'd be nice to see a Christian Slater show last longer than one season.  Here are some details on the noteworthy cast.

Christian Slater  Christian Slater (playing 'Oz') – Recently, he played 'Henry Spivey / Edward Albright' in My Own Worst Enemy and 'Alex Donovan' on The Forgotten.

Christian Slater

Bret Harrison  Bret Harrison (playing 'Cameron Price') -  Recently, you may have seen him on V as 'Dr. Sidney Miller,' but before that, Reaper fans will recognize him as 'Sam Oliver.'

Bret Harrison as 'Sam Oliver' on Reaper

Odette Yustman  Odette Annable (playing 'Melanie Green') – You may know her better as Odette Yustman. She's been in the movies Cloverfield and The Unborn.  She was also featured in the video for Weezer's "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" [click here or watch below].

Michael Rosenbaum  Michael Rosenbaum (playing 'Dutch,' Melanie's boyfriend) – Everyone knows he was 'Lex Luthor' on Smallville, right?

Michael Rosenbaum as 'Lex Luthor' on SMALLVILLE

Jennifer Irwin (playing 'Creepy Carol') – Recently, she's been playing 'Cassie Powers,' Kenny's sister-in-law on Eastbound & Down.

Trevor Moore (playing 'Josh') – He's one half of the friend duo in Miss March.

Alphonso McAuley (playing 'Cash') – I'm not really familiar with his previous work, but I'm enjoying his character on this show.

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