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Sunday, March 6, 2011

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 03/05/2011

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

  Chuck - "Chuck Versus the First Bank Of Evil"

Ray Wise guest starred as 'Riley,' Volkoff's attorney.  Previously he played the role of 'The Devil' on Reaper.

Ray Wise as 'The Devil' on REAPER

François Chau guest starred as the bank manager where Volkoff's account was. LOST fans will recognize him as 'Dr. Pierre Chang.'

  House - "Recession Proof"

Ashley Jones guest starred as 'Diane,' the wife of the patient. Fans of True Blood will recognize her as 'Daphne,' the waitress who was a shifter like 'Sam.'

Ashley Jones as 'Daphne' on TRUE BLOOD

  No Ordinary Family - "No Ordinary Love"

Eric Balfour guest starred as 'Lucas Winnick,' a patient with lymphoma.  If you've been watching Haven on Syfy, then you know he's been playing the role of 'Duke Crocker.'

Eric Balfour (at right) with his fellow cast members from HAVEN

Tricia Helfer guest starred as 'Sophie Adler,' the woman with the pheromone powers. She has previously had guest roles as 'Agent Alex Forrest' on Chuck, 'Agent Bonnie Belski' on Warehouse 13, 'Stephanie Dobbs' on the pilot episode of Human Target, and 'Naomi Russell' on Lie To Me.

Tricia Helfer

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