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Saturday, October 30, 2010

TV Guest Stars Rounding Out October

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

Serinda Swan as 'Zatanna' on SMALLVILLE

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 10/23/2010

  Chuck - "Chuck Versus the Couch Lock”

Joel David Moore guest starred as 'Mackintosh.' Bones fans will recognize him as 'Colin Fisher,' one of the "squinterns."

Joel David Moore

  No Ordinary Family - "No Ordinary Vigilante"

Guillermo Diaz guest starred as 'Detective Luis Cordero.' If you watched Mercy, then you may recognize him as 'Nurse Ángel García.'

Guillermo Diaz at Reality Cares Achievement Awards Emmy Party Red Carpet


TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 10/30/2010

  Castle - "3XK"

Michael Mosley guest starred as 'Jerry Tyson,' the cell mate of 'Marcus Gates,' the suspected triple killer. If you watched the last season of Scrubs, then you may remember that he played the role of 'Drew,' Dr. Cox's favorite student.

Michael Mosley

  No Ordinary Family - "No Ordinary Quake"

Rachel Miner guest starred as 'Rebecca Jessup,' the girl with earthquake powers. You may recognize her from Supernatural where she played the role of 'Meg,' Sam's demon girlfriend or you may recognize her from Californication where she played the role of 'Dani,' Charlie Runkle's sexy assistant.

Rachel Miner

Amy Gumenick guest starred as 'Olivia Schaeffer,' the student caught with her English teacher. Supernatural fans will recognize her as the young version of 'Mary Winchester.'

Amy Gumenick

  Criminal Minds - "Devil's Night"

Leonard Roberts guest starred as 'Kaman Scott,' the disfigured serial killer. He previously appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as 'Forrest Gates,' and he was 'Nam-Ek' on Smallville. He is probably best known for his role as 'D.L. Hawkins' on Heroes.

Leonard Roberts

  The Good Guys - "The Whistleblower"

Monet Mazur guest starred as the "murdering jane" that was hired to kill the oil company whistleblowers.  If you watch Castle, then you've seen her a few times as 'Gina,' Castle's ex that he is currently seeing.

Monet Mazur

  Supernatural - "You Can't Handle The Truth"

Serinda Swan guest starred as 'Veritas,' the goddess of truth. If you watch Smallville, then you may remember her from the times she has guest starred as 'Zatanna.'

Serinda Swan

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