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Saturday, October 16, 2010

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 10/16/2010

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

House - "Massage Therapy"

Zachary Knighton guest starred as 'Billy,' Margaret's husband. If you watched FlashForward, then you may remember him as 'Bryce,' the doctor that tried to commit suicide before the first global blackout happened.

Zachary Knighton

Castle - "Punked"

Muse Watson guest starred as 'Ivan Podofski,' the investor and antique gun collector. Prison Break fans will recognize him as 'Charles Westmoreland,' from season one.

Mike Franks Pictures, Images and Photos

The Good Guys – "Dan On The Run"

Ethan Suplee guest starred as 'Andy Davis,' the ex-governor's son that 'Dan' and 'Frank' saved when he was younger. If you watched My Name Is Earl, then you'll recognize him as 'Randy,' Earl's brother.


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