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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Couch Potato News for 09/12/2010

Weezer and Hurley

Here's the link for the Weekly Ads.

DVDs (released on Tuesday):

  • Fringe: Season 2
  • Rules Of Engagement: Season 3
  • Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time
  • Browse the full list of September 14th DVD releases on Amazon.com.

Music (released on Tuesday):

  • Sully Erna – Avalon
  • Weezer – Hurley
  • Pantera – Cowboys From Hell (Deluxe 3-CD Edition)
  • Browse the full list of September 14th music releases on Amazon.com.

TV Shows (most info from http://tvlistings.zap2it.com/):

  • Tonight – HBO has the season finales of True Blood @ 9pm (preceded by a countdown @ 8:40pm) and Hung @ 10pm. MTV has the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards @ 9pm. (I wonder if Kanye will interrupt anyone this year?) Cartoon Network/Adult Swim has the return of The Venture Brothers with a brand new episode @ 11:30pm.
  • Monday – FOX has the season finale of Lie To Me @ 9pm.
  • Tuesday – Syfy has part 1 of the season finale of Warehouse 13 @ 9pm.
  • Wednesday – CBS has the season premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua @ 8pm.
  • Thursday – The CW has a new episode of The Vampire Diaries @ 8pm, and FOX has a repeat of the 2-part season 2 finale of Fringe @ 8 in preparation for next week's season premiere.
  • Friday – Cartoon Network has a new episode of Batman: The Brave & The Bold @ 7pm, the series premiere of Sym-Bionic Titan @ 8pm, a new episode of Generator Rex @ 8:30pm, and the 1-hour season premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars @ 9pm. Syfy has a new episode of Haven @ 10pm.
  • Saturday – nothing noteworthy


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Comic Books (released on Wednesday):

Here is this week's list of new comics, including Brightest Day #10, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2, and Justice Society of America Special.

Movies (in theaters beginning Friday):

This weekend, I'm sure that Devil will never let us look at elevators the same way ever again. For the full list of releases, click here.

DEVIL – Theatrical Trailer [click here or watch below]

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