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Saturday, May 8, 2010

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 05/08/2010

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

Chuck - "Chuck Versus The Role Models"

Swoosie Kurtz guest starred as 'Laura Turner.' Heroes fans will recognize her as 'Millie Houston,' Angela Petrelli's old friend.

Swoosie Kurtz by david_shankbone [click to enlarge]

Rules Of Engagement - "The Surrogate"

Jaime Pressly guest starred as 'Pam,' the surrogate for 'Audrey.'  Fans of My Name Is Earl will recognize her as 'Joy.'

Jaime Pressly as 'Joy' in MY NAME IS EARL by Fun Husband © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

House - "The Choice"

Eva Amurri guest starred as 'Nicole Murray,' the bride of the groom that fell ill at the altar. Fans of Californication will remember her as 'Jackie,' Hank Moody's student that worked as a stripper.  She also recently guest starred on Mercy as 'Sharra Kelly,' the patient that got married in the hospital shortly before she died. (So that's two roles in a row for her that have involved marriage & sickness. Interesting.)

Eva Amurri as 'Jackie' on CALIFORNICATION by LiGado em Série [click to enlarge]

Mercy - "Too Much Attitude and Not Enough Underwear"

William Sadler guest starred as 'Nate,' who served in Iraq with 'Veronica' and 'Chris.' In addition to his lengthy movie resume, you may have seen him on TV recently since he guest starred on Fringe as 'Dr. Sumner,' and on Criminal Minds as 'Ray Finnegan,' the mobster friend of 'Agent Rossi.'

William Sadler by smelly worms © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

Bones - "The Witch In The Wardrobe"

Wade Williams guest starred as 'Sheriff Gus Abrams.'  Prison Break fans will recognize him as 'Brad Bellick.'

Wade Williams by Yes, i'm guccio [click to enlarge]

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