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Sunday, May 2, 2010

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 05/01/2010

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

House - "Open And Shut"

Sarah Wayne Callies guest starred as 'Julia,' the wife in the open marriage.  Prison Break fans will recognize her as 'Sara Tancredi.'

Sarah Wayne Callies by _Armaggedon_ © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

Supernatural - "The Devil You Know"

Eric Johnson guest starred as 'Brady,' the executive of the pharmaceutical company and Pestilence's right-hand man/demon.  Smallville fans will remember him as 'Whitney Fordman,' Lana's boyfriend from season one.  He also played 'Flash Gordon' on the short-lived Syfy TV series of the same name.

Eric Johnson as 'Flash Gordon' with co-star Gina Holden by lelids © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

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