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Saturday, April 17, 2010

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 04/17/2010

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

Human Target - "Christopher Chance"

Amy Acker guest starred as 'Katherine Walters,' the girl that 'Chance' was hired to kill and then decided to protect.  Dollhouse fans will recognize her as 'Dr. Claire Saunders,' and Angel fans will recognize her from her roles as 'Fred' and then 'Illyria.'  Starting April 28th, you will be able to catch her on the new series Happy Town as 'Rachel Conroy.'

Amy Acker by jameymoore © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

Bones - "The Death Of The Queen Bee"

Robert Englund guest starred as 'Ray Buxley,' the high school custodian.  Everyone should recognize him as the original 'Freddy Krueger.'  Recently, he starred in FearNet's Fear Clinic series as 'Dr. Andover.'

Robert Englund as 'Ray Buxley' on BONES by Bones Picture Archive © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

Victor Webster guest starred as 'Brad Benson,' one of Brennan's old classmates.  Harper's Island fans will recognize him as 'Hunter Jennings.'

Harper's Island – Hunter's death scene [click here or watch below]

The Vampire Diaries - "Under Control"

David Anders guest starred as 'Johnathan Gilbert,' Elena's uncle.  Heroes fans will recognize him as 'Adam Monroe,' Hiro's nemesis.

David Anders by StargateBrat © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

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