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Saturday, January 23, 2010

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 01/23/2010

Wow! I think this was a big week for notable guest stars by anyone's standard. Did you catch all of the ones that I did? Even I almost missed a few of these. It took me awhile to recognize the actress from this past season of Dexter since I hadn't seen her in anything else before. The same thing goes for the actor from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Well, on with the show…

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

Human Target - "Pilot" (Sunday episode)

Tricia Helfer guest starred as 'Stephanie Dobbs,' the wife whose husband tried to have her killed.  Recently, she guest starred as 'Agent Bonnie Belski' on Warehouse 13 and performed the voice for 'Boodikka' on Green Lantern: First Flight. She has also guest starred on Chuck as 'Agent Alex Forrest' and on Supernatural as 'Molly McNamara.'

Tricia Helfer as 'Agent Bonnie Belski' in WAREHOUSE 13 [click to enlarge] Tricia Helfer by Acererak on Flickr [click to enlarge]

Chuck - "Chuck Versus Operation Awesome"

Brandon Routh guest starred as 'Special Agent Daniel Shaw' with the CIA taking over the investigation of "The Ring" organization. Is there anyone that doesn't recognize him as 'Clark Kent' from Superman Returns?

Brandon Routh as 'Superman' on Flickr by Yukari* [click to enlarge] Brandon Routh in the movie FLING by Steele Films © All rights reserved [click to enlarge]

Scrubs - "Our True Lies"

Nadine Velazquez guest starred as 'Nicole' the lesbian patient. My Name Is Earl fans will recognize her as 'Catalina.'

Nadine Velazquez as 'Catalina' in MY NAME IS EARL by Info Séries © All rights reserved [click to enlarge]

Human Target - "Rewind" (Wednesday episode)

Courtney Ford guest starred as 'Laura,' the flight attendant that was actually the other kidnapper in disguise. Dexter fans will recognize her as 'Christine Hill,' from the season that recently ended.

Courtney Ford as 'Christine Hill' on DEXTER by STREET JEEP on Flickr [click to enlarge] Courtney Ford in the movie FLING by Steele Films © All rights reserved [click to enlarge]

Ali Liebert guest starred as the hacker 'Casper,' who they were trying to protect on the plane. If you watched Harper's Island, then you may recognize her as 'Nikki,' who ran the local bar on the island.

Ali Liebert by HereInVancouver © All rights reserved [click to enlarge]

Bones - "The Proof In The Pudding"

Richard T. Jones guest starred as 'Mr. White.' Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fans will recognize him as 'James Ellison.'

Richard T. Jones by Watchcaddy © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge] Richard T. Jones as 'James Ellison' in TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES by TheWB.com © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

Parks & Recreation - "Leslie's House"

Bonita Friedericy guest starred as 'Maria Portlesman,' one of the rec center teachers helping 'Leslie' with her dinner party. (She was the "Organize Your Life with Maria Portlesman" teacher that 'Leslie' called first to help with the boxes who wouldn't stop winking.) Chuck fans will recognize her as 'General Beckman.'

{Sorry, no good pictures available}

The Vampire Diaries - "Bloodlines"

Gina Torres guest starred as 'Bree,' a bartender and a witch from Damon's past. Firefly fans will recognize her as 'Zoë Washburne,' and Angel fans will recognize her as 'Jasmine.' She also recently guest starred on FlashForward as 'Felicia Wedeck.'

Gina Torres as 'Zoë Washburne' on FIREFLY by TheWB.com © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge]

Fringe - "What Lies Below"

Geoff Pierson guest starred as 'Arnold McFadden' field director with the CDC. Dexter fans will recognize him as 'Captain Matthews.'

Geoff Pierson as 'Captain Tom Matthews' in DEXTER [click to enlarge]

Supernatural - "Sam, Interrupted"

Jon Gries guest starred as 'Martin,' the hunter friend of 'Sam' and 'Dean' that checked himself into the psychiatric hospital. LOST fans may recognize him since he played the role of 'Roger Linus,' Ben's father.

Jon Gries by around.june © All rights reserved. [click to enlarge] Jon Gries as 'Roger Linus' on LOST [click to enlarge]

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