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Thursday, October 22, 2009

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 10/10/2009

Take note of the date since this is for the first week that I was out on vacation.

TV Guest Stars For Week Ending 10/10/2009

Note: To help refresh your memory, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

House - "The Tyrant"

James Earl Jones guest starred as 'Dibala.' You may remember him from small roles such as 'Darth Vader' in Star Wars Episodes IV - VI and 'Mufasa' in The Lion King.

James Earl Jones as 'President Dibala' on HOUSE [click to see additional pictures from the episode "The Tyrant"] Darth Vader Mufasa from THE LION KING

Lie To Me - "Truth Or Consequences"

James Marsters guest starred as 'Pollack,' the prosecutor competing against Lightman's ex. You may recognize him as 'Spike' from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel or as 'Brainiac' from Smallville.

James Marsters as 'Pollack' in LIE TO ME [click to see additional photos from the episode "Truth Or Consequences"] James Marsters as 'Spike' from ANGEL [click to enlarge]

Castle - "Inventing The Girl"

Matt Barr guest starred as 'Travis McBoyd,' the husband of 'Jenna,' the victim. If you watched Harper's Island, then you may recognize him as 'Sully.'

Matt Barr [click to enlarge]

Criminal Minds - "Reckoner"

Cynthia Watros guest starred as 'Heather Vanderwaal,' the wife of the victim at the opening of the episode. LOST fans will recognize her as 'Libby.'

Cynthia Watros [click to enlarge]

William Sadler guest starred as 'Ray Finnegan,' one of Rossi's old contacts. You may recognize him from season one of Fringe where he played 'Dr. Sumner,' the director of St. Claire's Hospital where 'Walter Bishop' was held. He's also been in quite a few other things such as The Shawshank Redemption and Die Hard 2.

William Sadler [click to enlarge]

FlashForward - "137 Sekunden"

Kim Dickens guest starred as 'Kate Stark,' the ex-wife of 'Aaron,' who saw his believed-to-be-dead daughter 'Tracy' alive during his flash forward. LOST fans will recognize Kim as 'Cassidy Phillips,' the mother of Sawyer's daughter, 'Clementine.'

Kim Dickens as 'Cassidy' from LOST

Gina Torres guest starred as 'Felicia Wedeck,' the wife of 'Stan Wedeck' director of the LA field office for the FBI. You may recognize her from Angel where she played 'Jasmine,' or you may also recognize her from Firefly where she played 'Zoë Washburne.'

Gina Torres as 'Zoë Washburne' from FIREFLY [click to enlarge]

Bones - "The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"

Billy Gardell guest starred as 'Bob Sayles.' If you're a My Name Is Earl fan, then you may recognize him since he played 'Officer Hoyne.'

Billy Gardell [click to enlarge]

The Office - "Niagra"

Anna Camp guest starred as Pam's sister 'Penny.' True Blood fans will recognize her as 'Sarah Newlin' from the Fellowship Of The Sun church.

Anna Camp [click to enlarge] Anna Camp as 'Sarah Newlin' on TRUE BLOOD [click to enlarge & see the full picture]

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