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Saturday, September 12, 2009

TV Guest Stars This Past Week 09/12/2009

As always, wiki links are provided for characters when available.

Warehouse 13 - "Breakdown"

Mark Sheppard guest starred as 'Benedict Valda,' one of the Regents that questioned 'Artie.' Previously, he guest starred on Dollhouse as FBI Agent 'Graham Tanaka' who tried to get 'Agent Ballard' suspended. He was also 'Anthony Anthros' on NBC's Bionic Woman and 'Badger' on Firefly.

Mark Sheppard

Supernatural - "Sympathy For The Devil"

Mark Pelligrino as 'Nick,' the vessel of choice for Lucifer. Previously he was 'Jacob' on the season 5 finale of LOST, and he was also 'Paul Bennett,' Rita's abusive ex-husband on Dexter.

Mark Pelligrino as ' Paul Bennett' in DEXTER "Father Knows Best" [click to enlarge]

Rachel Miner guest starred as the newest vessel for the demon 'Meg.' Previously she starred on Californication as 'Dani' the part-time Suicide Girl who was the secretary for 'Charlie Runkle,' whom she blackmailed and got fired.

Rachel Miner as 'Dani' on CALIFORNICATION [click to see more]

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