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Saturday, July 25, 2009

TV Guest Stars This Past Week 07/25/2009

True Blood - "Never Let Me Go"

Valerie Cruz guest starred as 'Isabel,' one of Godric's vampire lieutenants. She was previously seen as 'Lt. Connie Murphy' on SciFi's short-lived series The Dresden Files, and more prominently, she was 'Sylvia Prado' on the latest season of Dexter.  Recently, she also guest starred in an episode of Dollhouse as 'Ramirez.'

Valerie Cruz as 'Lt. Connie Murphy' in The Dresden Files Valerie Cruz as 'Isabel' in True Blood [click to enlarge]

Better Off Ted - "Father, Can You Hair Me?"

Geoffrey Pierson guest starred as 'Elijah Palmer,' Veronica's dad.  You may recognize him from Life where he played 'Charlie Crews, Sr.' or from Dexter where he played 'Capt. Tom Matthews.'

Geoffrey Pierson as 'Capt. Tom Matthews' in Dexter "Resistance Is Futile" [click to enlarge]

Mental - "Coda"

Barbara Eve Harris guest starred as 'Ilene,' Leeza's special-needs piano teacher. Prison Break fans should recognize her, since she played the role of 'FBI Agent Felicia Lang,' who was very close with William Fichtner's character, 'Alexander Mahone.'

Barbara Eve Harris as 'Agent Lang' in Prison Break "Bang and Burn" [click to enlarge]

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