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Saturday, July 18, 2009

TV Guest Stars This Past Week 07/18/2009

True Blood - "Shake and Fingerpop"

Dean Norris guest starred as 'Leon,' the guy posing as the limo driver that tried to kidnap Sookie for the Fellowship of the Sun.  He guest starred on LOST last season as 'Howard Gray,' a grieving father that was seeking closure from Miles regarding his dead son. He also guest starred on the final season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as 'Mr. Nelson,' the plant manager of the Seranno Point nuclear power plant.

'Miles' with Dean Norris as 'Howard' on LOST [click for more pictures]

Hung - "Great Sausage or Can I Call You Dick?"

Rebecca Creskoff guest starred as 'Lenore,' Ray's first customer.  You might recognize her from an episode on the last season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, where she played 'Anne Fields.' Anne was pregnant in the episode, and Derek Reese helped her deliver the baby, who in the future was the key to saving the lives of many resistance fighters.

Rebecca Creskoff ©Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.com [click to enlarge]

Warehouse 13 - "Resonance"

Tricia Helfer guest starred as 'Agent Bonnie Belski.' She recently guest starred on Chuck as 'Agent Alex Forrest,' and she does the voice of 'Boodikka' in Green Lantern: First Flight, which comes out on DVD Tuesday, July 28th.

Tricia Helfer [click to enlarge] Tricia Helfer as 'Agent Alex Forrest' on Chuck [click to enlarge]

Lindy Booth guest starred as 'Stephanie,' the daughter of musician 'Eric Marsden.' You might recognize her from the movies Wrong Turn (she dies horribly with a mouthful of barbwire) and Zack Snyder's Dawn Of The Dead (she's the daughter whose dad gets bit on the hand. She actually survives til the end of this one, at least until the credits roll and they reach the island). Additionally, she was 'Beth Chapman' in Nobel Son, the student that was having the affair with the professor. She also played the role of 'Liv' for a few episodes on The 4400, where she was a homeless person.

Lindy Booth as 'Francine' in Wrong Turn Lindy Booth [click to enlarge]

Mental - "House of Mirrors"

Erick Avari guest starred as 'Dr. Timothy Paul,' the psycho-sexual expert. Heroes' fans will recognize him as 'Chandra Suresh,' the author of Activating Evolution.

Erick Avari

Allison Scagliotti guest starred as 'Heather Masters,' the girl with the sexual identity crisis. If you're a Warehouse 13 fan, keep an eye out for her because she's going to be added to the cast as 'Claudia Donovan' later this season.

Allison Scagliotti Saul Rubinek (left) as 'Artie Nielsen', Allison Scagliotti as 'Claudia Donovan' from Warehouse 13

Mike Dopud guest starred as 'Gary Masters,' Heather's father. I only mention him because I laughed when I noticed this on his IMDb page. Apparently, he had a recurring role on Smallville last season as 'Security Guard George.' Does anyone remember any of the security guards? LOL

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