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Sunday, July 12, 2009

TV Guest Stars This Past Week 07/11/2009

Merlin - "Lancelot"

Santiago Cabrera guest starred as 'Lancelot.'  Previously, you may have seen him on Heroes as 'Isaac Mendez,' the cracked-out painter of the future, including the comic book 9th Wonders.

Santiago Cabrera [click to enlarge] Santiago Cabrera as 'Lancelot' on Merlin [click to enlarge and see the full gallery on NBC.com]

Mental - "Obsessively Yours"

Rob LaBelle guest starred as 'Craig Peters,' the husband willing to get the surgery on his brain to cure his OCD when it was his wife who had the more serious issue.  He was previously seen on the season finale of Supernatural, playing the part of 'Father Lehne,' the priest that was possessed by 'Azazel.'

Rob LaBelle as 'Father Lehne' on Supernatural [click to see more]

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