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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Potato Wedges 07/06/2009


Highlights: More hot-off-the-press trailers, such as Megan Fox's new movie Jennifer's Body, True Blood info & interviews, House interviews, a new Alice In Chains music video, and Blackest Night!





  • JENNIFER'S BODY, in theaters Sept 18th, written by Diablo Cody & starring Megan Fox - Red-Band Trailer Debut [click here or watch below]

  • THE BOX, in theaters October 30th, starring Cameron Diaz [click here or watch below]



    • Hugh Laurie (aka 'House') - Season 6 Teasers [click here or watch below]

    • David Shore (Exec. Producer & Writer) - Season 6 Teasers [click here or watch below]

    • Omar Epps (aka 'Foreman') - Season 6 Teasers [click here or watch below]

    • Robert Sean Leonard (aka 'Wilson') talks about House & Amber [click here or watch below]

    • Lisa Edelstein (aka 'Cuddy') talks about Huddy Hallucination [click here or watch below]





Blackest Night @ IGN.com

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince [check out the other character posters @ spoilertv-movies.blogspot.com]

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