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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Potato Wedges 06/08/2009

Reminder to my Facebook friends – The videos and pictures are not going to show up properly on the Facebook site, so please click View Original Post at the bottom.

Highlights: Well, I may not have made it through everything I wanted to get to, but I've still got plenty. I've got some really fresh TV Spots for Transformers 2 that you probably haven't seen yet, and I've also got previews for ABC's new fall shows. Plus, more True Blood content.




  • TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, in theaters June 24th

Transformers 2 promo art (source: SpoilerTV-Movies) [click to enlarge]

    • TV Spot - "Destiny" (uploaded 05/31) [click here or watch below]

    • TV Spot - "It's On..." (uploaded 05/18) [click here or watch below]

    • TV Spot - "Forms" (uploaded 05/18) [click here or watch below]



    • Flash Forward - starring Sonya Walger ('Penny' from LOST), Joseph Fiennes ('Will Shakespeare' from Shakespeare In Love), John Cho ('Harold' from Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay), and Genevieve Cortese ('Ruby' from Supernatural) [click here or watch below]

    • Happy Town - starring Lauren German ('Beth' from Hostel: Part II), M.C. Gainey ('Tom' from LOST), Sam Neill ('Dr. Alan Grant' from Jurassic Park III), and Amy Acker ('Dr. Claire Saunders' from Dollhouse) [click here or watch below]

    • The Middle - starring Neil Flynn ('The Janitor from [scrubs]), Patricia Heaton ('Debra' from Everybody Loves Raymond), and Atticus Shaffer ('boy at bus bench' from Hancock) [click here or watch below]



Closing Thought:

Maryann from True Blood [click to see more character posters on horror-movies.ca]

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