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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LOST Untangled 06/09/2009

Juliet hanging on in the season finale [click for more pics from the final two episodes of season 5]

Well, the long-awaited Untangled video for the season finale was finally posted last Friday. I'm not sure how much it really untangles, but if you want to see a Schoolhouse Rock version of the final two episodes, it's definitely worth your time. Either way, it's only five minutes. Below the video are a few links you may find interesting, including Lostpedia's updated article on the identity of the statue, which Wikipedia still disputes even though ABC has confirmed it.


Statue of Taweret

Terry O’Quinn's Interview about Locke

The Lost Interview with Fran├žois Chau (aka 'Pierre Chang' - Miles' dad)

the latest details on whether Elizabeth Mitchell (aka 'Juliet') will be returning in Season 6

Evangeline Lilly (aka 'Kate') at Cannes Festival  Click for more pictures of Evangeline Lilly at Cannes


LOST Season 6 Official Teaser Trailer [click here or watch below]

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