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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly Couch Potato News for 05/24/2009

Here is the link for the Weekly Ads. I hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend.

DVDs (released on Tuesday):

  • Killshot (starring Diane Lane & Mickey Rourke)
  • Powder Blue (starring Jessica Biel as a stripper – see a preview here)
  • Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (too crazy not to mention – see a preview here)
  • Browse the full list of May 26th DVD releases on Amazon.com.

Music (released on Tuesday):

TV Shows (most info from http://tvguide.com/listings):

  • Tonight – nothin'
  • Monday – nothin'
  • Tuesday – The season finale of Reaper is on the CW @ 8pm (promo), and the series premiere of Mental is on FOX @ 9pm (promo).

  • Wednesday – There is a new episode of The Unusuals on ABC @ 10pm.
  • Thursday – nothin'
  • Friday – Cartoon Network has new episodes of The Secret Saturdays @ 8pm and Batman: The Brave & The Bold @ 8:30pm (previews). Nicktoons has a new episode of Wolverine & The X-Men @ 8pm.

Click for more pictures from this week's episode of Batman: The Brave & The Bold.

  • Saturday – CBS has a new episode of Harper's Island @ 9pm (promo).
  • Next Sunday (05/31) – Catch the 2009 MTV Movie Awards @ 9pm (on MTV obviously) - promo.


Comic Books:

Here is this week's list of new comics, including Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive, Green Lantern #41, and Superman #688.

GOTHAM GAZETTE: BATMAN ALIVE [click to enlarge] GREEN LANTERN #41 [click to enlarge]


This weekend, we've got two sure-to-be instant classics from completely different ends of the spectrum. Disney & Pixar bring us another computer animated masterpiece with Up. Sam Raimi, the genius behind Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness, and the Spider-man movies, brings us a new horror masterpiece – Drag Me To Hell. For the full list of this weekend's theatrical releases click here.

Up trailer [click here or watch below]

Drag Me To Hell trailer [click here or watch below]

Closing Thought:

Pearls Before Swine [click to enlarge]

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  1. the fame to which this Mega Shark movie has attained is the dream of thousands of struggling movie makers out there