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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekly Couch Potato News for 05/03/2009

Don't forget that next Sunday is Mother's Day! Here is the link for the Weekly Ads.

DVDs (released on Tuesday):

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Music (released on Tuesday):

  • Hatebreed – "For The Lions"

TV Shows (most info from http://tvguide.com/listings):

It seems that at the time of my post last week the TV listings were not updated to reflect the President's takeover of Wednesday night. Fortunately, some of the shows that got bumped last Wednesday are on Tuesday this week. Also, if you didn't already catch it in my previous Potato Wedges post, CBS abruptly moved Harper's Island to Saturdays.

  • Monday – There are new episodes of House @ 8pm (promo) on FOX, Rules of Engagement @ 9:30pm on CBS, and Castle @ 10pm on ABC.

House - Omar Epps (aka 'Dr. Eric Foreman') [click to enlarge] Fringe [click for more pics from this week's episode "The Road Not Taken"]

  • Tuesday – There are new episodes of Reaper @ 8pm (promo) on the CW and Fringe @ 9pm (promo) on FOX. (Don't forget to pad your DVR recording for Fringe in case American Idol goes over.) Also, due to last Wednesday's Obamaruption, ABC is airing a new episode of [scrubs] @ 8pm and the season finale of Better Off Ted @ 8:30pm.
  • Wednesday – ABC has the 1-hour season finale of [scrubs] @ 8pm, and new episodes of LOST @ 9pm (promo) and The Unusuals @ 10pm. FOX has a new episode of Lie To Me @ 8pm, and CBS has a new episode of Criminal Minds @ 9pm (promo).

J.D. & Turk - click for more pictures from the [scrubs] season finale Smallville [click to view more pics from this week's episode "Injustice"]

  • Thursday – There is a new episode of Bones @ 8pm on FOX, and CBS has a new episode of Survivor: Tocantins @ 8pm. NBC has new episodes of My Name Is Earl @ 8pm, Parks & Recreation @ 8:30pm, and The Office @ 9pm. Meanwhile, the CW has new episodes of Smallville @ 8pm (promo) and Supernatural @ 9pm (promo).
  • Friday – FOX has a new episode of Prison Break @ 8pm and the you-must-watch season finale of Dollhouse @ 9pm (promo). Cartoon Network has new episodes of The Secret Saturdays @ 8pm and Batman: The Brave & The Bold @ 8:30pm.

Dollhouse - Eliza Dushku (aka 'Echo') [click to enlarge] Dollhouse - Harry Lennix (aka 'Boyd Langton') [click to enlarge]

  • Saturday – Cartoon Network has a new episode of Transformers Animated @ 8am. There is a new episode of Harper's Island @ 9pm (promo) on CBS.


Comic Books:

Here is this week's list of new comics, including Batman: Battle For The Cowl – The Network, Flash Rebirth #2, and Superman: World of New Krypton #3.

THE FLASH: REBIRTH #2 (OF 5) [click to enlarge]

Here's a couple of pictures I snapped with my cell phone from Free Comic Book Day yesterday at Borderlands Comics & Games on Atlantic Blvd.

Image009 Image005 Image010 Image011


Unless you're Amish, I'm guessing you know that Star Trek comes out this Friday. For the full list of this weekend's theatrical releases click here.

Star Trek trailer (click here or watch below)

Closing Thought:



May Calendar [click to enlarge]

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  1. Any Reaper fans? Tell the CW! There's not much time left, May upfronts are only a few short weeks away. Snail and email addresses, petitions, etc., are organized here: http://community.livejournal.com/reaperdmv/37449.html