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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LOST Untangled 05/19/2009

Click for a few promo pics from season finale "The Incident"

I had planned to keep things light this week since I'm running behind and we basically have the whole summer to speculate on the awesome season finale, but I was surprised when there was no Untangled video. Then I went back and watched the end of last weeks' and heard them say that they would have a new one in 3 weeks. That means we've got two more weeks to go.

Before next week, I hope to have time to read through some articles and pass them on to you. Until then, enjoy the few videos and links below.

Loophole Moment [click here or watch below]


Post Game: Season Finale, a.k.a "WTF?"

Excellent Screen Captures of Jacob, the statue, Bernard & Rose, and more

Jimmy Kimmel's Secrets of LOST 12 with Jorge Garcia (aka 'Hurley')

[click here or watch below]

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