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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Couch Potato News for 04/26/2009

couch potato

Don't forget that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday, May 2nd!

Here is your link for your Weekly Ads.

DVDs (released on Tuesday):

  • The Uninvited

Music (released on Tuesday):

  • "The Shining" by Violent J (of Insane Clown Posse)

TV Shows (most info from http://tvguide.com/listings):

  • Monday – There are new episodes of House @ 8pm (promo) on FOX, Chuck @ 8pm (season finale - promo) on NBC, Heroes @ 9pm (season finale - promo) on NBC, Rules of Engagement @ 9:30pm on CBS, and Castle @ 10pm on ABC.

House - Olivia Wilde (aka 'Dr. Remy Hadley/Thirteen') [click to enlarge] Jack Coleman aka 'Noah Bennet' from Heroes - click for additional pictures from the season finale "An Invisible Thread"

  • Tuesday – There are new episodes of Reaper @ 8pm (promo) on the CW and Fringe @ 9pm (promo) on FOX. Don't forget to pad your DVR recording for Fringe in case American Idol goes over.
  • Wednesday – ABC has new episodes of [scrubs] @ 8pm, Better Off Ted @ 8:30pm, the 100th episode of LOST @ 9pm (promo), and The Unusuals @ 10pm. FOX has a new episode of Lie To Me @ 8pm, and CBS has another new episode of Rules of Engagement @ 8pm (special night) and a new episode of Criminal Minds @ 9pm.
  • Thursday – There is a new episode of Bones @ 8pm on FOX, and CBS has new episodes of Survivor: Tocantins @ 8pm and Harper's Island @ 10pm. NBC has new episodes of My Name Is Earl @ 8pm, Parks & Recreation @ 8:30pm, and The Office @ 9pm. Meanwhile, the CW has new episodes of Smallville @ 8pm (promo) and Supernatural @ 9pm (promo).

Tom Welling as 'Clark Kent' in Smallville - click for more pictures from this week's episode, "Beast" Misha Collins as 'Castiel' in Supernatural - click for more pictures from this week's episode, "The Rapture"

  • Friday – FOX has new episodes of Prison Break @ 8pm (promo) and Dollhouse @ 9pm (promo).

Prison Break - click for more pictures from this week's episode, "S.O.B." Dollhouse - Tahmoh Penikett (aka 'Paul Ballard') [click to enlarge]

  • Saturday – Cartoon Network has a new episode of Transformers Animated @ 8am.


Comic Books:

Here is this week's list of new comics, including Batman: Battle For The Cowl – The Underground, Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4, Green Lantern #40, Superman #687, and Teen Titans #70 ("Deathtrap" part 3).

GREEN LANTERN #40 [click to enlarge] SUPERMAN #687 [click to enlarge]

Don't forget to stop by your local comic book store on Saturday to pick your free comics (or at least your free copy of Blackest Night #0). Click the banner for more details.

Annual Free Comic Book Day - May 2, 2009


Forget what your calendar tells you. Forget what the weatherman tells you. Forget what your grandma tells you. Summer begins this Friday with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine! For the full list of this weekend's theatrical releases click here.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer (click here or watch below)


Closing Thought:

BLACKEST NIGHT: TALES OF THE CORPS [click for more details]

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