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Sunday, April 19, 2009

TV Guest Stars This Past Week 04/18/2009

House - "Saviors"

Lindsey McKeon guest starred as 'Franni' the patient's wife.  She previously guest starred on Supernatural as 'Tessa the Reaper' a month ago and back in 2006 during season 2.

Lindsey as 'Tessa' on Supernatural [click to enlarge]

Chuck - "Chuck Versus the First Kill"

Ken Davitian guest starred as 'Uncle Bernie.' He became very popular a few years ago when he starred as 'Azamat Bagatov' in the movie Borat.

  You were trying to forget this, weren't you? (scene from Borat with Ken on the right)

Rules Of Engagement - "Poaching Timmy"

Kate Micucci guest starred as 'Tanya,' Audrey's assistant. Earlier this year, she guest starred on [scrubs] as Ted's girlfriend 'Stephanie Gooch.'

[click to enlarge] with 'Ted' on [scrubs] - click to enlarge

[scrubs] - "My Soul On Fire: part 2"

Bill Lawrence guest starred as 'Van' the justice of the peace.  I thought it was pretty neat that he chose to guest star in the episode. Not only was he the director of the episode, but he's the creator of [scrubs] and the husband of Christa Miller who plays 'Jordan' on the show.

Bill Lawrence [click to enlarge] family photo - Bill Lawrence, Christa Miller, and their kids [click to enlarge]

Bones - "The Cinderella In The Cardboard" (Wednesday's episode)

Carla Gallo returned as 'Daisy Wick' this episode.  Although she's guest starred a few times before, it's the first time this year, which means it's also my first opportunity to mention her since I started this blog.  She can also be seen on Californication as 'Daisy' the amateur porn star.

Bones - "Mayhem on a Cross" (Thursday's episode)

Tania Raymonde guest starred as death metal chick 'Lexi.' She was just on LOST two weeks ago as Ben's dead daughter 'Alex.'

as 'Alex' on LOST [click to enlarge] [click to enlarge]

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