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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LOST Untangled 03/31/2009

April Fools Disclaimers: #1 - Although I'm running behind and this post is dropping on April 1st, this is my March 31st LOST post.  #2 - My purpose with these posts is to lead you to information I've come across that enriches the understanding of the show, and April Fools pranks would work against that purpose.  Bottom line - This post is prank free!

[click for additional pics from "He's Our You"]

Get ready for an exciting episode Wednesday night at 9pm called "Whatever Happened, Happened." In preparation though, check out the Untangled video below for last week's episode "He's Our You." From the "Is this Desperate Housewives?" bit to Ilana being called a "sexy Boba Fett," this was the best and funniest Untangled video yet!

[click to enlarge]

Lost 5.10: He’s Our You - Nikki's Commentary

[click for more pics of Sayid and Ilana]

Next Episode Promo: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Closing Thought:

[click to enlarge]

More Dharma Vintage Ads

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