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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crank: High Voltage - review

Crank: High Voltage poster from LionsGate via Twitpic

Of course, before I went to see Crank: High Voltage, I had to re-watch Crank. Man, what a fun movie. I also spotted someone from Smallville this time around. At 1 hour and 12 minutes when Chev gets off the elevator, one of the henchmen he is greeted by is Sam Witwer who plays 'Davis Bloome' aka 'Doomsday' on Smallville.

But enough reminiscing, let's talk about Crank: High Voltage. Everyone realized the first movie was so much fun that they wanted to get in on the action for the second one. You've got some pretty recognizable names like Ling Bai, David Carradine, Corey Haim (who I didn't recognize and will have to look for on the DVD), Chester Bennington (of Linkin Park), porn star Ron Jeremy, and (although uncredited) porn star Jenna Haze.

This movie was a terrific continuation of the first. I absolutely loved it. Of course, it's all in fun. You can't go into a movie like this expecting a ton of realizing. You have to go into this expecting your mind to be taken on a roller coaster ride!

Oh, before I forget… For those of you that are anxious to get up and leave as soon as the credits start rolling, there are behind-the-scenes clips sprinkled throughout the credits.  Additionally, the movie doesn't actually end until sometime into the end credits.  Now, let me give the spoiler warning (just in case you want it for this movie) in case I give anything away as I continue.

Jason Statham & Bai Ling from LionsGate via Twitpic

So if you paid attention at the end of Crank, which I didn't until today, you'll notice that after Chev falls out of the helicopter, bounces off the car, and lands on the pavement, he then blinks. The setup for the sequel was there all along. What we don't find out until some time into High Voltage is that he's been presumed dead for 3 months. I can only assume they wanted to flush all of the Chinese poison out of his system so that his heart would be viable for a transplant.

After Chev gets going, he winds up getting some unlikely assistance. First, he runs across Bai Ling's character (pictured above… or is it Ling Bai as IMDb lists her? oh, who cares?) who is just completely crazy. Later, he runs into Efren Ramirez. Now, I was waiting for the explanation of this one because I had heard he would be in the movie, but I knew that 'Kaylo' was killed in Crank. It turns out that this is 'Venus,' who is Kaylo's brother. The other interesting thing about 'Venus' is that he has full body turrets, which makes for some very interesting situations.

Of course, Amy Smart is back making us all jealous of Jason Statham. Whether or not you want to be him, would you like to be able to take her whenever wherever? Anyways, this time they do it on the horse track, literally, with at least one horse jumping over them.

Dwight Yoakam courtesy of LionsGate via Twitpic

Dwight Yoakam (pictured above) as 'Doc Miles' has by far one of the best lines in the movie. David Carradine (pictured below) as 'Poon Dong' is the main villain. (He was also 'Bill' in the Kill Bill movies.) Chev finds out after some running around that Poon Dong has actually had his heart transplanted for a few months now. Well, Doc has already figured this out too, so he's going to try a solution of his while Chev is going about things his way.  He wants to send 'Chocolate' (his black girlfriend) out on the street. Well, at first, she's less that motivated. This is when Doc busts out with, "Is Doc gonna have to choke a bitch?" That shit was priceless, and I just busted out laughing again as I typed it.

David Carradine as 'Poon Dong' from LionsGate via Twitpic

The fight scene at the end is as glorious is as the first movie. The best part was at the end when Chev charges up one last time, but winds up on fire. In the pain-induced hallucination, he gives Bai Ling's character a hug thinking it's 'Eve' and lights her on fire too.

If you want to check out some more pictures in addition to the ones I've added here, check out http://twitpic.com/photos/lionsgatemovies.

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