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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LOST Untangled 03/17/2009

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's been two weeks since there has been a new episode of LOST, so you may need a refresher before tomorrow night's episode, titled "Namaste."  Here are two ways you can refresh your memory: my blog post from last week with the LOST Untangled video for "LaFleur" and ABC's Official Recap Videos. After you have refreshed your memory on "LaFleur," below is the promo for "Namaste" followed by some helpful links and then a couple of video interviews with Jack and Kate.

Looking at the Little Things: 5.07 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” - (Maybe this is why they were clearing that runway in season 3!)

LOST on ABC Tease from 03/04

LOST 5.08 Dissected - Ankh's and Uncles - little more about the statue

Lost 5.08: LaFleur - Nikki's Review

LaFleur: Deleted Scene - (Warning! Make sure you're not drinking anything you don't want to come out of your nose.)

What Nikki Noticed: 5.08 “LaFleur”

Looking at the Little Things: 5.08 “LaFleur”

Yunjin Kim (aka 'Sun') Photoshoot

LOST On Location - Matthew Fox (Extended Interview, 5x09 Spoilers)

LOST On Location - Evangeline Lilly (Extended Interview)

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