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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LOST Untangled 03/10/2009

Four-toed Statue

There is no new episode of LOST tomorrow night, but you can catch an enhanced rerun of last week's episode "LaFleur" at 9pm. Below is the Untangled video for "LaFleur" and below that are a few links for you.  I'll have more links for you prior to next Wednesday, along with a preview of the new episode.

Four-Toed Statue is the Egyptian God Horus?

LOST Theory - Old Four Toes - Solved? NOT!

LOST Theory: How the Statue Broke

[Comedy] Jimmy Kimmel's Secrets of LOST 5 - New Clip w/Evangeline Lilly

Ajira Airways Truck Spotted!!

The LaFleur/Comic Con ‘08 Connection

Young Charlotte [click for more]

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