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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LOST Untangled 03/03/2009

The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

Alright, you know the drill. Below this little intro paragraph is the LOST Untangled video for last week's episode "The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham," which will air again tomorrow night at 8pm as an enhanced episode. Below the video are some nifty links to help you figure all this out some more, and some fun stuff including a new photo shoot of Michelle Rodriguez. Then, if you scroll down some more, you'll see the preview for tomorrow night's new episode titled "La Fleur."

Michelle Rodriguez - New Photoshoot

When and Where Are the 316'rs?

Screencaps of the Hydra Folder

LIFE magazine found in Hydra station [click to enlarge]

Screencaps of Locke Back on the Island

Brief Review of Episode 7 - The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

Comedy - LOST Secrets 4 with Jimmy Kimmel with Michael Emerson and Daniel Dae Kim

Review w/Observations - The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

Ties to Previous Episodes' Plots  - The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

LOST Theory - The Widmore, Hawking, Linus Equation

Four Official Recap Videos for The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Emilie De Ravin (aka 'Claire') in Her New Movie High Noon

Evangeline Lilly (aka 'Kate') on Jimmy Kimmel - 03/02/09

New Season 5 Behind the Scenes Pics!

Matthew Fox Talks LOST 5.08 - LaFleur (Clip runtime is 0:58)

Carlton and Damon Talk LOST 5.08 - LaFleur (Clip runtime is 1:47)

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