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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LOST Untangled 02/17/2009

Well, fellow LOST fans, here is the newest LOST Untangled video for last week’s episode “This Place Is Death.” Below the video are some links that I hope you’ll find interesting, and then at the very bottom is the promo for tomorrow night’s new episode titled “316.” Oh, and don’t forget that you can catch an enhanced version of “This Place Is Death” tomorrow at 8pm before the new episode.

Extended Flash Sequence from "The Little Prince" Using Clips of Prior Episodes

Recap/Commentary of Episode 4 - "The Little Prince"

Recap/Commentary of Episode 5 - "This Place Is Death"

Episode 5x05 "This Place is Death" - Pics of Hieroglyphics at The Temple (There is also a link on that page offering a possible translation of the hieroglyphics. If the image on the second page doesn't show up, click on it, and it will appear in a new window.)

Special 100th Episode LOST Island Cake Revealed by Jorge Garcia

Ajira Airways LOST Billboard Spotted in LA

Comedy - Jimmy Kimmel's LOST Secrets w/Michael Emerson

Comedy - Jimmy Kimmel's Secrets of LOST with Daniel Dae Kim

New William Mapother (Ethan) Interview

Fox moves Idol against LOST

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