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Saturday, January 31, 2009

TV Guest Stars This Past Week 01/31/2009

Fringe - "The No-Brainer"

'Jessica Warren' was played by Mary Beth Peil aka Jen Lindley's religious grandmother on Dawson's Creek.  It was nice to see 'Pacey' and 'Grams' back together again, like a little Dawson's Creek reunion.


'Brian Dempsey,' the computer programmer/murderer, was played by Chris Bauer aka 'Detective Andy Bellefleur' from True Blood.

Knight Rider - "Exit Light, Enter Knight"

The lead bank robber was played by Michael Cudlitz aka 'Detective Mike Walton' who was Ana Lucia's partner from the flashbacks on LOST.

Lie To Me - "Moral Waiver"

'Sgt. Scott,' the rapist, was played by David Anders aka 'Adam Monroe' aka 'Takezo Kensei' from Heroes.


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