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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Horror movies should be scary, and 3-D movies should be fun. I think that My Bloody Valentine 3-D accomplished both pretty well. It's tough to do a 3-D horror movie without being too cheesy. Just look at Friday the 13th Part 3. I thought that My Bloody Valentine walked the line pretty well, providing some genuinely frightening moments. It also felt like the 3-D moments were more natural, and that the movie wasn't stopping to make them happen. I will say that 3-D nudity was a nice touch. Kudos to the director, and especially the actress, on that one. You can definitely mark 3-D breasts in the win column. LOL

Jensen Ackles did a great job, but it's tough to view him outside of his "Dean Winchester" character from Supernatural. Of course, I had the same problem the first few times I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar in a movie and she wasn't kicking ass like I was used to seeing her do. Jaime King was the lead actress in the movie. (I kept thinking it was Michelle Monaghan from Mission Impossible III everytime I saw the trailer.) It's tough to recognize her, though. Sometimes she's blonde, sometimes she's brunette, and it seems like she's only in a movie every 5 years or so. I guess we should just be grateful she's at least going by Jaime instead of James, which is how she was credited in some of her earlier movies. Oh, and Kerr Smith was in this movie too. Does this make the second or third movie he's done since Dawson's Creek?

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